I was born in Naples, Italy and moved to the States at around three years old. (Military Brat. :) Half my family is Italian, and part of my heart and soul will always be overseas. LOVE ITALY!

I've been drawing since I was about four years old, and have always had aspirations of becoming a professional artist. I remember wondering as a kid whether I would grow up and still watch cartoons or not,... and... SCORE! Not only do I enjoy watching cartoons still, but I also get to draw cartoons on a daily basis! Total win-win. :)

I started my caricature career out at Sea World of Orlando when I was just 16 -- and I didn't know that at the time I would end up sticking with it for so long. It went from "just a summer job" to my "bread and (vegan) butter!" I love my job! Drawing caricatures is a great excuse to get out and talk to people from all walks of life, and an even better excuse to draw for fun!

I'm also a Graphic Design student from Valencia Comm. College. I pursue freelance (that I have time for) within this digital realm too. Whether it's flyers or logos for local animal-related rescues/groups here in town, or doing freelance for the Orlando Magazine, I try to keep busy. Hoping to get more of my work published within the coming months. I've got a piece that I was commissioned for in the current Nov. Edition of the Orlando Magazine, on page 53. Get your copy today.. GREAT local magazine!


What keeps me motivated? Well, otherthan my loving husband, family and friends (and 5 rescue animals/furry babies), helping non-profits gets me motivated, and keeps me moving forward. I especially love helping environmental, and animal-related rescues/organizations. I love being able to help out with my art. With my (I feel) God/Universe-given talent. Be it with donating a piece of art toward a silent auction, or donating my caricature services live, or as a gift certificate to raffle off -- I try to help when and where I can. It feels great to help out. At this point in my life, I'm trying to focus and hone-in on how I can truly make a difference in this world in a positive way -- and use my talent as a way of helping out!

Within the last few years, I've become a better patron toward the (our) environment. I like to think I'm more of a steward to it now, and am trying to do what I can every day to help preserve it. I definitely follow the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. I stay away from plastic bags (and most plastics in general) at all costs (check out and, and that's for this main reason: Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I read up on eco-articles constantly (check out -- an AWESOME site!). I invest in carbon offsets (esp when I travel) when I can, and I strive to be a better human-being everyday. Trying to tread lightly on Momma Earth. I'm also beginning to target my audience/clients toward more individuals/companies who have similar views and keep their intentions/business with the environment in mind. We should take part in preserving the future for others. I'm trying to use more recycled materials, non-toxic supplies, and I'll be making even greater changes soon. Just trying to be better everyday, basically. :) We're all in this together, and we can all make a difference daily -- which is empowering!

Heard of ? It's an AMAZING website, with thousands of animals awaiting on good, FURever homes! Over the last year I've been helping walk homeless dogs for A New Beginning P
et Rescue. Follow that link to see the current animals they've got. With over 4 MILLION+ homeless cats and dogs killed every year in the USA due to over-breeding, puppy mills, greed, and people not spaying/neutering their pets, I STRONGLY recommend ADOPTION. Too many innocent animals are dying because of humans. Please always Spay and Neuter your pets!!!
* A GREAT, low-cost, local clinic in Central Florida is Tell them Maria sent you! :)

When not helping the critters, you'll find me in The Great Outdoors!!! Hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, whatever -- with my husband and friends. Give me blue skies and an energy bar any day.

To anyone who is interested in creating and marketing their art, my best advice to you is to just keep it up, network, draw/create as much as you can everyday, know your audience, and things should start happening for you.

Thanks for your time, and many happy trails ahead! -- Maria :)

copyright of Maria Bolton 2008. All Rights Reserved.