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*A Quick Reference Guide for ECO-GOODNESS in Central Florida*
(PLUS GREAT sites listed below for non-Central FL residents as well! :)

JUST CLICK ANY of the LINKS below... and They'll Direct You to More Info.
Any Questions/Comments/New Links You'd Like to See Me Add, Please Email Me HERE.
Drop-Offs for REUSING...
Drop off Clothes, Houseware, Furniture, etc:,,
Drop off Teen/Young Clothes & Make $$$ too: Plato'
Donate Your Old Car, & Help People Out:

National Kidney Foundation,,, V-DAC,

Drop Off Your Old CDs:
Drop-Offs for RECYCLING...
Solid Waste Management/Hazardous Waste: Seminole Count info HERE, Orange County info HERE
Recycle OLD Sneakers into Gym Tracks! COOL!: Nike Factory Store
Recycle Old Cell Phones, Rechargeable Batteries, and Ink-Jet Cartridges:, Call2Recycle,
Recycle Styrofoam, Electronics, etc in CFL:  
Recycle Electronics and more in CFL here too:  
Recycle Old Ink Cartridges, Old MP3 Players:
Recycle Old CFL Lights (the ones w/Mercury):
Luminaire Lamp & Ballast Recycling, Inc. 
Recycle MORE CFL Lamps: RecycleYourLamp
GREAT LOCAL(ECO) Places to Eat...Yummy, YUM!
Coffee!!!--They sell fairtrade & organic here: Austins Coffee, Natura Coffee and Tea
LOCAL Vegan & Vegetarian Food in Orlando:

Dandelion Cafe, Ethos, Loving Hut, Raphsodic Vegan Bakery,
Drunken Monkey, Garden Cafe, Infusion Tea,
Cafe 118, Sleeping Moon Cafe

GREAT Teas and Vegan/Vegetarian Food: Dandelion Cafe, Infusion Tea
GREAT LOCAL Farmers' Markets...
GREAT ECO Products to Invest in ... Go Greener!!! :)
Buy Some Carbon Offsets Because You Travel:
Buy an AWESOME Indoor Compost:
Request a FREE Recycling Bin if in Orlando: Recycling Bin Request Form HERE
AWESOME Recycled Materials for the Home:
Biodegradeable DOG POOP BAGS! I Love These:
AWESOME Green Printing Company (in CO.):
PLANTABLE Greeting Cards!!! Too cool: Grow-A-Note Greeting Cards
BUY More Carbon OffSets here:
Info on Energy Star Products:
FEED BAGS--Buy 1, & Feed a Child for a YEAR:
Shoes Made Out of RECYCLED Materials:
Seeds, Seeds, Seeeeeeeds:
Bring in A Reusable Mug, Get 10 cents off @ SB:
Sustainable Clothing:
A COFFEE Fire LOG!!! Sustainable & Green!:
Reusable White Board Markers: Auspen Markers
Get Paid for Collecting Stuff & Recycled Gear:
Stuff Made Out of WHEAT instead of Plastic:
Wilson's RECYCLED Basketball: Recycled Basketball
Eco Jewelry -- Post-Consumer Gold:
FRESH, Handmade Cosmetics & NOT TESTED on Animals:
GREAT reusable utensil for camping/everyday: Light My Fire SPORK
Environmental Composting Toilet ( OH Yes!):
GREAT SITES to Check Out... (You won't be sorry!!! :)
REPORT Animal Abuse in Orange County: Orange County Animal Services
REPORT Animal Abuse in Seminole County: Seminole County Animal Services
REPORT Wildlife Violators, Gator Abuse... etc:, REPORT VIOLATORS HERE/NUMBER TO CALL
If You Find/See INJURED Birds of Prey (Owls, Eagles, Vultures, Hawks, Falcons, Osprey), Please Contact:
If You Find/See INJURED Song Birds Pls Contact: Mary-Jane --NUMBER TO COME
If You Find other INJURED Native Wildlife:
Help the Planet, and Join MEATLESS MONDAYS:
Find Veggie/Vegan Restaurants ANYWHERE!!!:
Amazing Vegan Recipes:
Vegan Clothes, Body Stuff, Shoes, and MORE!:
Vegan Shoes... the cows say thank you ;) :
Free Vegetarian Starter Kit... Whoo HooOoo!:
Awesome Vegan Store (Another one --YES!):
Central Florida Sierra Club -- Get Involved!:
Adopt Lovely Farm Animals -- AMAZING org:
Join GREEN DRINKS in Central Florida:
Join the Animal Rights FL Meetup:
Learn about Puppy Mills and Why They're Bad:
Learn about Ringling Bros Circus Cruelty:
GREAT Eco Store... AWESOME stuff on here:
Find Out How Fuel Efficient Your Car REALLY Is:
Track, Share, and COMPARE Your Gas Mileage:
The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey:
Support Local and Independent Businesses:
12 Earth Friendly Appliances for Your Home:
Sites to Help You Learn More About Recycling:, 10 Things You Didn't Think You Could Recycle
Give Rice to the Needy for FREE Here:
Database of State Incentives:Renewables & Efficiency:
Loan JUST $25 & Help Jump Start a Business:
Help Clean Up Rivers & Lakes in Central FL:
An AWESOME Site/Org Keeping Seminole Clean:
An AWESOME Site/Org Keeping Orange Clean:
A GREAT Site: Reuse, Get and Give Good Stuff:
Find Out How Walkable it is where you live:
Info on Recycling Different Kinds of Plastics: Commonly Recycled Materials
How To Use Less Stuff... It'll Teach You!:
How to Recycle/Learn more about CARDBOARD:
National Recycling Coalition:
Feed an Animal FOR Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
How To HOST a Green Event: Host a GREEN Event!!!
Info on Herbs & Supplements: Herb & Supplement Info HERE!
The BEST GREEN Adventures on EARTH:
ECO Florida-Friendly Landscaping:
Florida WildFlower Foundation:
Awesome ECO Website/Products:
ADOPT Your Water Shed:
Join "Clean Up The World", & Help Tthe Earth:

More tips and GREAT (also, MONEY $aving) ideas:

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